To follow a dream or try something new

I've always been one hundred percent passionate about my work and the diversity of it. I love to write, to create, make things beautiful and accessible. I also love marketing, concepts and development. I’m blessed to have been able to work with the things I love and companies, which have given me the creative space and development I need.

But then… I’ve always had a dream to come up with an idea and create something of my own. Something that is important to me, with values I stand for and content that inspires others. And then, last august just before my wedding the Women Creative was born. (You know the saying about ideas coming up in the most unlooked-for places? .) It took a while to get here and of course I didn’t make it on my own, but I’m so proud to share with you this platform that I hope will inspire you, and give you that extra spark to try something new.

Thank you to my husband who always encourages my ideas - the good and the bad ones - and helps so much with proofreading. To Annie who without hesitation decided to join as a photographer. To all my friends who cheer me on, and to my family who made me so stubborn. And most of all, thanks to all you creative women who have said yes to be interviewed by us!

So what’s next?

We have an interview with the brilliant and talented photographer Therese Winberg coming up, I’m meeting one of my most courageous friends - shoe designer Rebecca Björnsdotter and I’m looking forward to meeting Hanna Rubin who is specialized in knitwear and have a chat about her art.

Looking forward to sharing greatness with you.

Yours truly,

Jennifer Borge

Founder and Editor of The Women Creative

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