There are no rules in fashion

Iris Apfel and Vivienne Westwood are both rule-breaking fashionistas who have been paving the way for new influencers on Instagram - here are some of our favorites. They will make you bolder, we promise. The term dress your age has never been more outdated.

Ingmari Lamy

She has been modeling since 1967 and her career is blooming - still. Besides modeling, Ingmari is an artist, writer and takes photos. She was listed 1 of 100 influencers in September issue.

Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater went from unknown university professor and social worker to an icon after her encounter with fashion photographers outside of a fashion show. After being bombarded with camera flashes, she now also holds the titles cultural influencer, content creator, consultant, speaker and model.

Advanced Style

Ari Seth Cohen is the curator and creator of the fabulous Instagram account Advanced Style. He is the author och photographer of the Advanced Style Books and movie, featuring the style, creativity and stories of the senior fashionistas.

Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is a denim- and dog fanatic who used her skills as an stylist and designer to creat Linda & Winks, dog accessories. Besides making our furry friends look fab, she is a style icon and has a killer account to follow.

Grece Ghanem

Former marine turned personal trainer turned fashion icon. If you want chic looks from Montreal, Grece' account will definitely keep you inspired.

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