The Queens behind LA LULA

Image from La Lula

Powerful yet gentle the signature collection takes it's inspiration from the female form’s most sacred place.


Images from La Lula

LA LULA is the fine jewellery brand based in Stockholm made for women, designed by women. Founded in 2016 by jewellery designer Rebecca Bonaparte and creative Katja Janford. Each design gives women a symbol of their femininity, through jewellery they can cherish every day.

"The idea came from Katja Janford who had been thinking about it for a few years and about a year ago she told me about it. It’s super fun working on something with one of your best friends, following the whole process from sketches to wax models to the final piece of jewellery, photographing it and creating a web page.

The idea of the collection isn’t to make a political statement. The point is for you to wear this jewellery as a gentle reminder of your femininity. The shape isn’t super obvious, some people think it’s a shell or a leaf and some understand exactly what it is but don’t dare say anything. It’s supposed to be a symbol for the beauty in women and to celebrate your femininity. To let go of the taboo surrounding the female sex."

- Rebecca Bonaparte, Jewellery Designer

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