Slow living inspiration

One thing that the swedes are good at, is slow living, sustainable and minimalism. Though we might be a bit partial, we do believe that fewer things, decluttering and creating empty spaces to ease you mind is a great philosophy and the best thing to do for the planet.

We have put together five pioneers to inspire you to ease up on consumption and discover your own places where you can sit back and take a deep breath.

1. To get you in the right mood - start with the following Instagram account @slow_emotions_project.

2. Next up, Interior stylist, blogger and one of the curators of slow emotions project - Pella Hedeby. A true spokesperson for the slow living- movement who always stays true to her esthetics in interior design. With a mix of Scandinavian, Japanese and minimalist thinking, her instagram account @pellahedeby and blog Stil inspiration are sure places to find inspiration.

3. Our third tip is lifestyle -guru of minimalism Jenny Mustard. Jennys philosophy about minimalism reflects her whole life; from her style, to her apartments to her vegan diet. We especially like her Youtube-channel, and if you want to embrace slow living off screen- we highly recommend her book Simple Matters.

4. Mindful Homes is a studio, web shop and blog all devoted to creating beautiful, timeless and sustainable interiors. We love their soothing Instagram feed.

5. Our last tip is stylist, blogger and co-founder of @wemakeitlast - Emma Elwin. Sustainable fashion with an impeccable style, is what makes Emma a big inspiration in the slow living-movement.

Her motto is "Buy less, choose well." And we couldn't agree more. Find Emma's blog here and Instagram here.

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