The music festival Popaganda was founded by a group of university students in 2002 and has become the music fest that defines the ending of summer i Stockholm. With established artists and upcoming acts, no pop nerd is ever left unsatisfied. This year we got to capture some moments to share with you here.

The biggest moment by far was First Aid Kit wrapping up the first night of Popaganda with a spectacular show. Starting off strong with Wolf and favorites like Emmylou we were set for a magical evening. The crowd went wild when Sarah Klang came out on stage and took King of the World to a whole new level with Klara and Johanna by her side. When we thought it couldn't get better the Queen of all Queens - Seinabo Sey entered the stage and sang Breathe.

Ending the night, Klara and Johanna gave a speech about the political climate in Europe and the coming election in Sweden, encouraging the crowd to take a stand and vote on September 9th. The one and only Silvana Imam then took the stage and owned it with Vikken då. Women like these make the future seem brighter. <3


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