Let us introduce to you, if you've missed her (but we doubt it)

Kakan Hermansson

Photo Elisabeth Toll

We wish she was our best friend - or even better, our big sister. The thing with Kakan is that when you turn on her podcast Under huden or read her blog Kakan Hermansson, see her on TV as a host or read her book, she makes you feel like you're part of a sisterhood. She's not afraid to talk about social norms, racism, feminism and oppression and we're lucky to have such a strong-willed and brave person take place in the spotlight in Sweden. Kakan is also T H E  Q U E E N of makeup and skincare and a brilliant artist, writer - the list goes on.

She's open about her ADHD and talks about issues like fat-shaming and other subjects that make her readers feel better about themselves and their bodies. Kakan is part of a movement. She's the feminist and lesbian with the future plan to keep spreading the science of feminism. And of cause – taking over the world (and your TV). 

"That is why I'm here, to highlight all kinds of oppression and show people that there are alternatives to what a woman should and could be like. All women are not straight, skinny and super happy."

- Interview on Rodebjers website

Photo Irika Sandström

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