Iris Apfel - Fashion Legend extraordinaire

More is more & less is a bore.

- Iris Apfel, New Yorker style icon, interior & fashion designer, business woman.

If I ever find myself doubting a pattern, colour or dress, I think "what would Iris do?"

It's easy to play it safe and get inspired by capsule wardrobes that will last you for years and and take comfort in your black, grey and white basics - especially here in Sweden during the dark months - but let's not forget the fun in fashion and the impact colour, texture and details can have on your style. The creative part of putting together an outfit and changing your style or trying something new outside your comfort zone that makes you feel better. Or different. I remember in my teens I used to experiment with my style and my early twenties when the outfit reflected my mood. Lately I've found myself staring at my wardrobe, trying to feel inspired, but ending up putting on the same jeans+t-shirt+sweater that say absolutely nothing about my personality.

So, let's decide together that when we see something crazy at the thrift store that makes you smile, ask yourself "what Iris would do?" and put it on and sparkle! Fall in love with Iris, just like I did.

When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else.

- Iris Apfel

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