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by boe is the brand of gorgeous jewelry by the Swedish designer Annika Inez, based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Annika Inez was born and raised in Sweden but since the year 2000 she lives in Brooklyn and that was when it all started. As a tiny studio and retail shop named Annika Inez, she created a vast range of jewelry using recycled and ethically sourced sterling silver and 14kt gold filled from US factories. In 2004, the name changed and by boe was born as a response to the increasing interest for in the specific pieces inspired by her Scandinavian heritage, but also her years spent in NYC.

Annika is inspired by artists and women of all eras of the 20th century. Women with strong personal aesthetics ­- French painter, critic and author Francoise Gilot, British actress and singer Jane Birkin and activist Bianca Jagger to name but a few.

Pictures from by boe's tumblr and Alchetron

By boe's jewelry can be seen in fashion magazines and is worn by influencers and artists like Rihanna and Jessica Alba.

Visit by boe for the whole collection and more inspiring pictures!

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