10 ways to improve your creativity

We’ve all been there, frustrated, with an empty head or stressed to the bone, blocking out any creative thought whatsoever. We searched the web to find the best tips to help you release your creativity.

1. Exercise your creativity like a muscle.

“Creativity isn’t made out of a magical fairy part of the brain”

- Adam Green, director of the Georgetown Laboratory for Relational Cognition.

Research shows that the more you use your brain, the stronger the connections between the cells involved become. Does it sound complicated? Just remember to dedicate specific time during your day to actively think, which usually means unplugging from email, social media and more. That's the way to give our brain time and the ability to unlock uncertain parts of it self that are key to your creativity, and remind yourself to do so before any brainstorming session or new task.

2. Pay attention to — and document — new ideas

“Capture now, evaluate later”

- Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist

When an idea, or a small component of an idea comes to you, start making it a habit to write it down. In your smartphone notes, write it in a pocket-sized notebook you carry around or sketch it on a napkin, your new ideas are a valuable aspect of boosting creativity and will be useful to you later on.

3. Unplug (Or Just Do Nothing)

”There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither."

Alan Cohen, Author

Sometimes your best ideas will come when you're not racking your brain trying to come up with the next great idea, it could be while you're sleeping. It could be while your mind wanders in the shower that you get a great idea. Or it may be that your next innovative idea will come while you're driving, exercising, hiking, shopping, sitting on an airplane, or watching the sunset. If your creativity is lacking, unplug, relax and let your brain do its magic.

4. Go for a walk

The average person sits between 7 and 15 hours every day which besides being bad for your health and your mood, means it can be terrible for your creativity. Stanford research has indicated that walking improves creative thinking. Previous research has found that people who take part in walking meetings are more creative and engaged. This study also found that a simple walk could temporarily improve certain types of thinking. So if you are tied to a desk and struggling to come up with a good idea, try going for a quick walk to see if inspiration might strike.

5. Surround yourself with inspiration

Positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi suggests that surroundings also play a role in the creative process. Stimulating environments can help the creative thought process, so surrounding yourself with things that you find inspiring and motivating can help. Create an office space that helps you feel inspired and energized, and find stimulating settings that can help trigger your power of creative imagination.

Here are 5 things we’ve picked up from the interviews we’ve had with our creatives.

6. Be active

Writer and blogger Sandra Beijer says:

- To find creativity is almost a job in itself. I think it’s really important not to think that it just “comes to you” but rather be active in seeking your creativity.

7. It’s a job

Designer Hanna Rubin says:

- Recently I changed my way of thinking about my creativity, I take it seriously. I really feel like it’s my work - I come in, in the morning and work all day like a “normal” job, because it’s nice to have that routine. Now I just start creating and let the creativity come along whilst working, just keep on.

8. Use your creativity in different ways

Goldsmith Rebecca Bonaparte says:

- I think you’re actually creative in everything you do in life. If I don’t have an outlet for my creativity whether it’s at work, or when I’m out walking or running or whatever, I don’t get the stimulation I need. Creativity doesn’t just have to be making a piece of jewellery or a sketch, it can be anything from how dinner looks to how I’m going to solve a problem.

9. Say it out load

Copy writer and blogger Alejandra Cerda says:

- When I force myself to verbalize my thoughts, I find that inspiration turns into creativity, and by saying my ideas out loud, it makes me believe in my ability to carry them through.

10. Create freely

Designer Tonje Linnea Halvorsen says:

- When I create my art pieces it’s all about me. I create whatever I find visually attractive. It’s a creative freedom that’s hard to compare with anything else, because it’s created from the heart and from my own point of view. 

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