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Alejandra Cerda and Maria De La Croix, launched the creative agency Mad Luck on March 8th. It was no coincidence to go public on International Women’s Day and the news went viral. Representing themselves as two females here to change a very normative industry, they ought to get reactions. I was given the chance to ask them a few questions and get the backstory for Mad Luck.

"99% of the advertising industry is so freaking boring. The majority of the marketing and communications produced, by white middle-class men, makes me wanna go to sleep and never wake up. Still, they get to make most decisions, and are the ones getting the most cash money."

Alejandra Cerda is no stranger to us - we interviewed her a while back and have been following her career ever since. Alejandra has a background in social anthropology, is a published author, a well known voice in the Swedish podcast scene, and runs the sustainable fashion blog Jandi Heart Eco. Her partner in crime is Maria De La Croix. Maria has a background in fine arts, and co-founded Wheelys - a global chain of organic bike cafés and mobile shops.

1. Congrats to your new agency! First question, what makes you ”Scandinavia's Most offensive creative agency” ?


Alejandra: Thank you! I think it’s because we aren’t afraid to be personal and political, but mostly it is because we have the knowledge and a background you rarely see in the marketing field, which makes us better at helping our clients to stand out in new ways.

Maria: Well, actually we’re not afraid of anything. A lot of brands, agencies, and people in general are so anxious about how people will perceive them, that they end up being plain boring. We don’t really care if we upset someone, and we want to work with brands that dare to take risks. It makes things more interesting.


2. It seemed that the decision to start Mad Luck was easy, how was the start-up process?


Alejandra: Actually you have no idea how right you are. I don’t think anything I’ve ever worked with, or anyone I’ve ever worked with, has been so easy. I texted Maria and asked if she wanted to work with me, we had a meeting, and the rest is history.


Maria: Ha ha, yes. It’s been ridiculously smooth! I quit working with my previous company Wheelys a year and a half ago, and had taken some time off to rest and I was just starting to think about my next strike when Alejandra texted me asking if I wanted to start an agency together. I was like “eh hell yeah! Of course!”. It was nothing we’ve spoken about before, still, it was a no-brainer. We share the same vision and complement each other very well. And most importantly: it’s been so much fun!


3. Your statement ”Make Anders jobless” has been interpreted in different ways, are you here to disrupt the Advertising Agency and if so, how are you planning to do it?


Maria: Most agencies feel like they have succeeded when they have won a few fancy advertising awards, and the numbers on the account are on the plus side, — that means nothing to me. We are not settling for anything less than disrupting the industry. I want to do everything in my power to shake things up, otherwise I'll die in misery. We have a pretty diverse arsenal of different weapons to help us but most of our plans are still secret — you’ll notice!


Alejandra: Yes, we refer to a study made a few years ago showing how homogenous the media industry is, but it seems like surprisingly few people in the industry are aware of the study, or care enough to do something about it. We want to make the field more diverse and braver, simple as that. I also believe there should be more anthropologists, such as myself, in the industry.



4. You both seem like geniuses, what gets your brains going and hearts beating faster when it comes to work?

Alejandra: Haha! Thank you, and yes, we are. I love to come up with wicked ideas and share them with Maria, and when she gives me her input we usually complement each other in the most perfect way.  Most of our ideas are surrounding sustainability and making society better in different ways. Also I really love copywriting and playing with words, it’s an outlet for my witty brain and my best creative expression.


Maria: I love crazy and slightly impossible ideas. I love the fact that Alejandra is a fast mover just like me. One of us gets a quirky idea, we discuss it back and forth and transform the idea into something do-able, with a strategy to make it happen. Ten minutes later we are both working frenetically with it.


5. Who is your dream client/brand to work with?

Maria: A client with a huge marketing budget, that gives us full discretionary power.


Alejandra: – I have a background in music so I would love to do a creative campaign for an artist, preferably someone bold that trusts us.

Follow Mad Luck on Facebook and visit madluck.se


Press photos: Mad Luck

Text by Jennifer Borge


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