Meet Setenay Orman
Jewellery designer influenced by her Scandinavian and Turkish heritage.
Meet Sandra Beijer
Blogger and writer based in Södermalm, Stockholm.
Meet Cari Forsgren
Senior Barber and Co-owner to the Barber shop Barberia Havanna in Stockholm.
Meet Sandra Nicole Freiman
Blogger, fashion designer and trend forecaster living in Paris.
Meet Sofie Björkgren-Näse
The lettering artist from Finland, living in Stockholm.
Meet Queendom Crew
Sabina, Vickan and Andrea, part of the awesome tattoo studio Queendom Crew in Stockholm.
Meet Maria Stuge
Illustrator and writer in Stockholm.
Meet Hanna Rubin
Designer and founder of Electroknit, in Stockholm.
Meet Rebecca Björnsdotter
Shoe designer in Helsingborg.
Meet Rebecca Bonaparte
Goldsmith and jewellery designer in Stockholm.
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5 questions - Mad Luck
Creative Agency with founded by Alejandra Cerda & Maria De La Croix.
5 questions - Alejandra Cerda
Freelance copywriter, eco beauty blogger and podcast co-founder.
5 questions - Tonje Linnea Halvorsen
Designer of couture collection made of safety pins.
5 questions - Jana Eriksson
Photographer and Art director.
5 questions - Emilia Westerström
Tattoo artist and blogger.
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