August 10, 2017

Emilia is a blogger with excellent DIY skills who takes beautiful pictures, inspires with her recipes and shares her thoughts on life and internet etiquette to her followers. But the reason I met Emilia was not to talk about her blog, but about her daytime job as a tattoo artist. Emilia focuses on black and grey tattoos and always uses vegan ink. Like the pro she is, she educates her readers on subjects like why you shouldn’t get a tattoo done by a friend, or why it costs ”so much” to get tattooed.

Her favorite designs are women’s faces, mandalas and flowers


She keeps her readers up-to-date on tattoo trends


Emilia herself has 38 tattoos on her body

My visit happened to coincide with a charity event. Long story short, her sister's charming dog Minou is in need of a very expensive operation and to help raise money Emilia and her fellow tattoo artists dedicated a whole day of tattooing to the cause, giving all the money they earned towards the operation.

The salon Hands Across Tattoo lies in Lund - one of my favorite cities. I went straight from the train station after arriving from Stockholm. It was pouring down and I arrived feeling like a drowned cat. But! Everyone was super nice and Emilia’s sister immediately made me feel at home with hot coffee and a tour around the studio. Emilia had done ten (!) tattoos that day, and I would be number eleven.

After coffee and the tour it was time for me to surrender to the needle. During my 30 minutes of pain we spoke about blogs and Facebook groups, but as pain has a tendency to negatively affect your memory I hardly remember what we said... Luckily Emilia had time to answer a few of my questions afterwards!

1. How long have you been a tattoo artist?

I did my very first tattoo maybe seven years ago, then it took me about two years until I tried again. I think I have been tattooing seriously for about four years, though.



2. What’s the first design you did on someone else and how did that make you feel?


We had a week of work orientation in eighth grade and I spent my time at a tattoo parlor. At the end of the week I got to tattoo the owner of the shop and I did a small text on his bicep but I can’t remember what it said. Of course I felt very cool and completely satisfied with my work. It actually came out better than many of the tattoos I did later when I started practicing for real.



3What’s the best thing about being a tattoo artist?


I’m a creative down to the bone and can’t see myself working at a job where drawing is not included. Being a tattoo artist I can draw my own designs but still be challenged by customers with different requests. I get to work with what I find both relaxing and fun and seeing people wearing my art is the greatest compliment ever.



4. For people aspiring to become a tattoo artist, what’s the best tip you have for them?


To draw, draw, draw. You can work as a tattoo artist by copying other people’s work, but you can never be a good one if you don’t know how to draw properly. The best thing you can do is collect your artwork and show it to other tattoo artists and ask them for an apprenticeship. Learn how to do it correctly from the beginning instead of trying to practice from home. Tattooing from home will only lead to bad tattoos and many tattoo artists will not take you seriously and refuse to give you an apprenticeship later on.


5. The proudest moment of your career?


Whenever my mom or grandfather shares my work on their Facebook page!

Thanks Emilia for the visit and for the awesome tattoo!

Follow Emilia on Instagram and visit  www.emiliawesterstrom.se


Photos by Emilia Westerström

Text by Jennifer Borge

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