December 29, 2017

Jana´s creative expression, and her work, is photography and art direction. She photographs people, furniture, dogs and weddings, always with the same fantastic aesthetic. I met Jana when we became colleagues over the summer in 2017. She was a breath of fresh air, with a winning combination of humour and depth of character. Besides being a great colleague she taught me a lot about trees and enlightened me on survivor classes and Greenpeace. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse - or I just need some great pictures - she’s the first person I’d call.

To keep herself grounded she also works as a documentary photographer for Greenpeace.

1. How important is equipment if you want to take great pictures?


Equipment is always second. I think it’s the ability to see images and light that matters. Expensive cameras don’t mean good images.


2. Natural lighting or studio flashes?


I’m a sucker for natural light. It has so many surprises stored in it. But I’m trying to learn to work with flash light. The synthetic light takes away the spontaneity of photography, but gives you the possibility to create. The combination is actually the coolest.



3Tell us about a memorable photo you’ve taken.


It’s actually a wedding photo. I was the photographer on a viking themed wedding. It took place in an area with old mines. The sun was about to set, the wind was still and I found the perfect spot for the couple. Everything fell into place even though nothing was planned.



4. And your favourite thing to shoot?


I like the last hour of sunlight. And the first, but I’m too tired to get up. The colours are a bit more magical, the nature is waking up or preparing to sleep - the birds, insects, the wind.


5. If you could choose anyone to photograph (dead or living) who would it be?


Not sure, I’m thinking Josef Stalin (because of funny moustache) or Lucy Stone, women's rights advocate (because of her being a cool person).

Thanks Jana for sharing your photos and thoughts.

To see more of Jana, visit  janaeriksson.com and foreverafter.se



Photos by Jana Eriksson

Text by Jennifer Borge

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