March 16, 2018

Alejandra is freelance copywriter, not your average eco beauty blogger at Jandi Heart Eco and co-founder of the podcast Häxor och Kamrater. We got to ask this multi-talented creative a few questions right after she moved from Stockholm to Gothenburg. 

"Feminism is to acknowledge the patriarchy and fight for equality between all genders."

Happiness for Alejandra is fresh sheets in her bed, Swedish strawberry lemonade and cuddles. Job-wise it's to see the things she does have an impact on people. Like getting emails from listeners, people recognising her, wanting to talk about a certain topic, or just hearing that someone told a friend she made them think. On the other hand, things that makes her mad is capitalism, racism and the fact that inequality is growing, and people still fighting about nonsense instead of fighting the system.

1. What are you most passionate about when it comes to work?


To be able to work with the issues that make my heart beat faster: sustainability, feminism and culture! The feeling of freedom it gives me to be able to create or join cool projects is probably what I enjoy the most. I can do whatever I want but I’m always true to my values.


2. You blog, run an Instagram account, you’re the admin in a Facebook group, have a podcast and you just shared that you’ve written a novel. A superwoman for sure! How do your different platforms and projects express your creativity?

Haha! Yes, I’ve done a lot of things recently. I don’t know if I’m a superwoman but I’m a creative person with a somewhat restless soul and I try to live as I learn, so I dare myself to try new things. My different platforms help me to express different parts of myself, in different ways. The reason I have many platforms is more of a communications thing to be honest, because of algorithms and such. But yes I’m a political person who likes to discuss feminism and politics, which I’m able to do in my podcast but also on my blog. On Instagram I try to focus on green beauty and beauty and lifestyle related content. And the erotic novel for Leopard förlag was a very random way for me to do some (partly) fiction writing, which I’ve been longing for.


3Besides being creative and super gifted with words, you also come across as a person with principles and a passion for feminism and anti-racism. You don’t hesitate to criticise or question things online, a very admirable trait. Where do you find the strength to keep it up?


I share my thoughts and feelings with my closest friends. Nothing gives me as much strength as talking to them about my struggles as a woman, a creative, an individual and being the child of immigrants living in this society. They know what I’m going through because they go through the same or similar struggles themselves. Without them I wouldn’t be half as brave as I feel I can be with them by my side.



4. Where do you find your creativity?

In conversations. When I force myself to verbalise my thoughts, I find that inspiration turns into creativity, and by saying my ideas out loud makes me believe in my ability to carry them through.


5. Who is your biggest inspiration?


Wow, I don’t know if I have one, but recently I met with Canadian director Attiya Khan. She’s done a documentary called A Better Man about domestic violence, the consequences of it and her own healing process. Obviously she’s very strong, but what impressed me is how she also is extremely humble and observant. People like her who can balance courage with care inspire me the most.

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Photos by Alejandra Cerda

Text by Jennifer Borge

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